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How to maintain a standard CGPA in University

How to maintain a standard CGPA in University

Now a days, University students commonly have a tension that how to maintain a good CGPA. Though some students attend classes regularly, don't miss any CT (Class Test) or Quiz, ultimately can't get the result they expected. It has a few reasons that I'm going to share so that you can resolve yourselves and can increase your CGPA. Its not actually so tough to maintain a standard CGPA if you sincerely follow a few things. After having a brief conversation regarding that issue with three of our University's top CGPA holders, I'm going to share the tricks they follow to maintain a standard CGPA.
So, those who are really want to increase your CGPA, having the mentality to work hard a little more, can follow the guideline below;

ID: 131-15-2305
CSE- 34th

  • Create first impression; try to impress your course teacher in his first lecture with throwing a few course related questions so that he can assume you as an attentive student. He/ She may not know your name in his first lecture, but he/ she will definitely know you in his/ her second or third lecture and will begin to call you according to your nick name. Isn't that cool?
  • Try to attend in every classes of each course and pay your attention in course lecture as much as possible.
  • Don't miss a CT/ Quiz without an acceptable reason and if unfortunately you miss a CT/ Quiz for a reason, request and convince your course teacher to take that CT/ Quiz for you once again. He/ She will give you another chance when he/ she will assume you as a sincere student. So be  polite while requesting, its really important.
  • Remember one thing "Be loyal with your course teacher". Its because if you somehow caught one time with your lame excuses in front of your course teacher, a bad expression would be created in his/ her mind about you. It might be a reason not to do well in his/ her course.
  • Try to get average 10 or 12 marks out of 15 in CT/ Quiz. It will lead you to get 4 in that course, thought its quite enough to study only 2 hours before exam night.
  • Try to understand, not memorize. If you memorize a topic, you might forget it later but if you understand that topic, it will stays in your memory for a long time.
  • Obviously take a preparation before you start taking preparation for exam. For example, collecting all course materials, course outlines, syllabuses and important note that course teacher provided you while taking lecture. Than, set your mind that you will take at least half of your course preparation by today and the rest half you'll prepare tomorrow. So, I suggest you to start taking preparation before two days of exam starts.
  • I prefer to write the content in a paper than read only, because it is ten time better to write than read to memorize a thing.
  • Don't take pressure like never think that you have a lot of things to cover before exam to do well. Think you have only a few things to cover and it would be automatically covered within a few hours.
  • Finally, in exam day morning, try to memorize the whole preparation in mind one by one and if any topic seems critical than open the paper in which you wrote all those in previous day. Attend in exam hall and don't talk much before exam starts, because it is scientifically proved that human brain has a limited memory, so if you gossip much before exam, the the preparation you took for the exam might be replaced with the topic you gossip.

ID: 131-15-104

  • Make a smart study plan.
  • Maintain a good communication with teachers and peers.
  • Maintain a good attendance.
  • Step ahead thinking while writing in exam.
  • Keep clear concept about the content.
  • Be a smart guy in the class.
  • Study with hunger for learning.
  • Always think sharp and positive.
  • Be aware of your position in class.
  • Finally, be a ultimate gainer.

ID: 131-15-2257

  1. Always be positive & remove all negativity and negative words like "can't" from your dictionary and think you can.
  2. Always try to cover all the lectures except any emergency, from first row of the bench from beginning of the first class.
  3. When you are learning something new, try to link it from previous learning & try to think of everything like you are doing in real, or play with learning and question without hesitating where you can't understand and always keep record of everything in class.
  4. If possible then try to check back the topics which was introduced to you be the teacher this day.
  5. When class tests arrive, cover all the study till class test and note everything in your note book & prepare well for class test.
  6. Always help others, cause by helping you are practicing, if u understand something well try to explain it to others who don't.
  7. Cover everything at least before 2-3 days of exam, and don't keep any pending work.
  8. Try to complete all assignments, presentations, and searching’s by yourself. If you needed any help go to your friends or your course teacher.
  9. On exam, stay chilled and review everything once by writing, and during exam don't leave any questions unanswered. If you don't have any idea, then write anything related to that topic or subject.
  10. Always think you can do everything, aim higher; aim for sun you will definitely reach moon.

ID: 141-23-136
  1. Attend in every class and try to understand all of the topics in the class. If any problem, ask to the teacher about these topics and get a clear concept.
  2. Don’t miss any Class test or Quiz, presentation or assignment. If unfortunately you miss due to some reason, you have to manage or convince the teacher to attend in this CT or Quiz for the next time but politely. If it is possible you should inform your teacher or CR before class test or Quiz or presentation about your problem.
  3. Refresh your mind before study at any cost by any legal action not illegal.
  4. Place or position its not a matter for your study. Where you are comfortable and how you are comfortable it’s a matter. Your comfortable place and position will be helpful for your refreshment and study.
  5. Don’t be so serious but you have to be serious. For example, when you be serious in any subject and think about this subject again and again, a tension will be automatically created in your mind. Though it is so harmful for your better study, you have to build up your confidence about it that you can complete your syllabus it’s not a matter. So, you have to be serious about that you will complete your syllabus before.
  6. It is not so important to write everything in a paper after study. But it is important to think about yourself what would be preferable for you, you have to write everything if you need, otherwise can take short note during study or after completing study or do nothing if you think that you have already enough preparation for that topic. That depends on your capability of grabbing.
  7. After completing your syllabus you should remember every single topics in mind. Just remember, which topics are you forget you should skim through these topics again.
  8. Mind motivation is very important for study. When you are so careless about your exam or study just think about your parents that they work hard only for your study. You should think I have to make good result for my parents pleasure. This thinking will give you a better strength for study.
  9. Remember one thing, don’t do any misbehave with any teacher it’s not for CGPA, for your better impression. Try to give answer of every question in the class and you will able to find out your lacking.
  10. Collect your every notes before exam. Try to skim through the whole syllabus before two or three days ago of exam. If you have any problem in your syllabus, try to solve at any cost.